The Royalty Instrumentality Project starts in 2019, when Giack decides he would write a song for each day of the year. The songs take form in the band’s home studio thanks to Abbey’s brilliant production, and also thanks to Sebi (drums) and Push (bass). Impression A.I. follows the course of the seasons, and aims to be a window on the life and mind of an artist. The length of the songs, in fact, spans from 30 seconds to 2 minutes and a half. It’s not only the artistic reason that has driven Giack to push his limits as a songwriter and condense his sounds in short songs. Streaming platforms only pay after the first 30 seconds of the song is played. The average rate per song is $0.0028. The music industry is not sustaining artists the way it should, and artists are often not even aware of the huge exploitation of intellectual property that’s going on. The Royalty Instrumentality Project aims to change things around, and wants to provide artists with all the knowledge they need to let their voice be heard. For this reason they donated part of their royalty income to Music Venue Trust, raising streams through a Treasure Hunt among the songs of the album.

Read our statement below:

It feels pretty convenient to pay around 10£ to have access to the whole world of music so that we can connect and enjoy the content that our favorite artists have so lovingly created because, let’s face it, we all need a little music in our lives.
We need music to feel part of something, we need music to justify who we are, we need to resonate with something otherwise we’d end up being a dull rusty bell; and we don’t want that. We all want to be seen and to see the truth around us, we are so hungry for something true that sometimes after a day of endless scrolling, we feel empty and sad. Ok, here’s the truth then: 10£ a month for all the human music out there is simply unsustainable, and we’ll tell you why.
All major streaming platforms pay artists on a “per-stream” basis, meaning that if a fan streams a song one time, it will get around 0,0032 pennies into the artist wallet. All things considered, it wouldn’t be too bad if only the whole song was worth something. What those streaming platforms don’t want you to know is that they only pay after the first 31 seconds of the song are played, and not every 30 second, and we think that isn’t half right.
Imagine your boss calls you and tells you that your 9 to 5 job just got downsized and from the 20£ per day you used to earn, from now on you’ll be down to 3,20£ per day: you must work all day but only the first two hours are retributed.
I know, you’re not stupid, and neither are we so the first thing to do would be to quit that stinky job and go do your thing somewhere else... if it existed. The highest paying streaming platform still pays around a penny per play, meaning you’d still be underpaid and half of your day you’d be working for free.
It appears no solution is possible, right? And I’m so sorry to leave you with that “you wouldn’t steal a car” bitter aftertaste, but the options are either the streaming royalties are fairly paid to artists, or artists start cranking up their numbers and make short but profitable songs, so that 100% of the effort and work is paid. 

Now we want to ask you, do you think this is fair? Do you think every artist should face this condition? Would you pay more for a music subscription now that you know what lies behind the curtains of the music business? Or would you rather have the true culpable corporates pay the fair price for art?

To those of you who are still wondering when will their shiny, customisable, Impression A.I. will dispatch for their little homes, we have good and bad news:

Bad first: unfortunately our species hasn’t reached a sufficient computing power to create a device the size of a kitchen scale that infinitely creates music to your taste, and even if we had, we just couldn’t all own one. 

The good news though is that Impression A.I. really is a 366-songs album created by the four piece band Royalty Instrumentality Project. We are an independent band and since June 17, 2019 we have written, recorded and produced all the songs, working 8 hours

every day (yes, Sundays included), to bring you this weird and unique album at a sustainable price for us.
If you want to support us by sharing our music or buying our handmade sustainable merch, our new website is here to help you. We’re a total of 8 people, there’s no label, no fat cats, no fuss. This is Impression A.I.