The Royalty Instrumentality Project starts in 2019, when Giack decides he would write a song for each day of the year. The songs take form in the band’s home studio thanks to Abbey’s brilliant production, with the help of drummer Sebi and bassist Push. Impression A.I. follows the seasons, with the songs spanning from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. It’s not only an artistic reason to drive Giack to push his limits as a songwriter: streaming platforms only pay after the first 30 seconds of the song is played. The average rate per song is $0.0028. The music industry is not sustaining artists the way it should, and musicians are often not even aware of the huge exploitation of intellectual property that’s going on. With the help of Marta and Eddie, The Royalty Instrumentality Project aims to change things around, and wants to provide artists with all the knowledge they need to let their voice be heard. For this reason The Royalty Instrumentality Project donated part of their royalty income to Music Venue Trust, raising streams through a Treasure Hunt among the songs of the album. The group is now trying to expand the visibility of the project and reach a wider audience across the globe.

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