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How it works

We will never reach fair pay in the streaming era unless we all come together and show our fans and the industry what it would be like if we worked accordingly to our pay check. In fact, anyone can be part of the protest against streaming services; all you need to be is an artist! 

If you have a cool idea for a song that lasts between 30 and 60 seconds, get in touch.

We are four people with knowledge in all fields of the music industry, and we will help you in all stages of the release from recording to distribution. 



How it works:


  • After the first meeting, we will lead you to the release of the track.

  • We will record the song together in our London home studio (if you are based anywhere

    else in the world we will do anything we can to arrange an alternative solution);

  • The song will be mixed and mastered on the same day; this reinforces the idea that we

    don’t have time for art, and if we only had a fatter paycheck we could go over our songs

    again and again, and make ‘better’ products.

  • We will set a date in the same week to shoot a music video (alternatively, we can make a

    cool visual video or lyrics video);

  • We will deal with distribution. We use Amuse to distribute our tracks;

  • We take 20% of royalties of your song to protect your and our interest. In this way you

    will make sure we work at the best of our capacities. You will get 85% of the total

    royalties of your work.

  • We aim to distribute the song within 4 months of mastering, always accordingly to your

    own release schedule.


Send us your idea, any info, and demos (WeTransfer link):


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