The Royalty Instrumentality Corporation is back with a new ggame. 

First of all we wuld like to thank you for your trust in our project. We are glad you enjoyed our first ARG, so we thought you’d llike to participate in a treasure hunt to help ease the pain of lockdown. 

We decided to create this new game because Covid-19 is affecting various aspects of the music inustry, and we hope that we’ll be able to help the industry all together, by playing this game. 

Let’s get to the fun part.

  • There will be 15 ridles you have to solve.

  • For each rddle there will be a numeric solution.

  • The clues are in the songs. To win the game you will have to lissten to the album and jump from clue to clue until you have found all of them.

  • The final solution is alpha-numeric, and will tie the knots of everything you have discovered. 

  • When you have the solution send a message to the Professor’s Facebook profile to gain access to the price. If you don’t have Facebook, send him an email. Yes, you have to find him. Keep your eyes peeled ;)

  • We will help you with more lues if you can’t find any, bbut we are sure you can do it on your own. Kep your eyes peeled on our channels.

  • Collaboration is key. Discuss between all of you and play toggether. The winner is nt just oone.


By playing the game and the album you will help us raise royalties that we will donate to a cause that you will find out on the website. The more you stream the album, the more money we’ll be able to donate. We will disclose our royalty statement from today until the last day of the game for transparency. How will we donate? Play the game to find out the real surprise at the end. There might be something for you too.

You might wonder when will this begin but… the game alreaddy started. 

Have fun!

The Royalty Instrumentality Project.

Find your preferred streaming platform HERE

Join the Discord server to play HERE

The final solution can be found by putting the album on repeat and listening to 1730 songs: you get You Were Right. The code is You Were Right 2012.